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For map of Rockhome: click here...


This is a land of low, fertile valleys surrounded by high and treacherous mountains. Rockhome is the homeland of the Known World’s dwarves, and its thick ring of mountains suits them well, both defensively and aesthetically.

The dwarves build their communities of strong stone, using their famous engineering skills. Many Rockhome towns and villages are either built partially or completely underground, particularly in the large natural caverns that riddle this territory. This potent combination of surrounding mountains, defensive stone fortifications, and underground communities makes Rockhome difficult to invade.


King Everast XV (formerly Bifin, son of Bofin, of the Everast Clan). Son of King Everast XIV, Everast XV spent his early career as a competent, if undistinguished, military officer. He is a career politician, a glib and affable dwarf who never shows his true face to outsiders. He is fond of finding enthusiastic young adventurers to send against threats facing Rockhome-threats, that is, that don’t demand he roll out the military.


Almost all residents of Rockhome are dwarves. The dwarves of Rockhome seem aloof, surly, and suspicious to outsiders, but they are merry and friendly among their own kind.


This is the great capital city of Rockhome, built at the foot of-and beneath-Point Everast, the tallest mountain of Rockhome. The city is divided into two parts:

Map of Upper Dengar

Upper Dengar:
(population 15,000, including 1,500 humans and 150 halflings) is a strong, walled city built above ground at the mountains base. Where the city abuts the mountain, a great tunnel leads down to:

Map of Lower dengar

Lower Dengar:
(population 40,000, including 400 humans); a sprawling city built in an enormous series of natural caverns beneath the mountain.

Adventure opportunities:

Raids by humanoids from the Broken Lands are common, as are ambushes carried out by both sides.