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The Five Shires

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This coastal nation that lies north of Ierendi is the homeland of the halflings ("hin"). Though these lands have been three times ruled by outsiders (twice by orcs, once by dwarves), the Five Shires are now ruled entirely by hin, and constitute an independent nation with a strong army and navy.

The Five Shires region is a broad, deeply-forested piece of rolling land. The land is quite fertile and hin farmers can get two or three harvests per year; the Five Shires export a lot of grain to Darokin, Glantri, and Karameikos.

The Five Shires is divided into five regions, called shires, each of which is semi-independent and ruled by a sheriff. The shires include Seashire, Highshire, Eastshire, Heartshire, and Southshire.


There are five sheriffs-

Seashire: Jaervosz Dustyboots

Highshire: Multhim Greybeard

Eastshire: Maeragh Littlelaughs

Heartshire: Delune Darkeyes

Southshire: Sildil Seaeyes


The great majority of residents of the Five Shires are halflings. But, while most humans think that halflings are peace-loving and harmless, there are many halfling adventurers and buccaneers in this region.

Adventure Opportunities:

An orc invasion is always possible, and the hin would be grateful to PCs who stayed around to help.