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Map of Alfheim


This nation is a homeland of elves. Once a featureless plain, it was magically transformed into a deep, dense forest-ominous to outsiders, but a cheerful home to elves. This is a land of enormous trees, of elven cities made up of tree houses hundreds of feet in the air and connected by wooden walkways. It's a place where few non-elves come unless they are invited or are attempting to invade.


King Doriath is the day-to-day ruler of the elves of Alfheim; long-term decisions are made by the Council of Clans, which consists of the King and the Clanmasters of the seven major elven Clans of Alfheim.


The people of Alfheim are all elves-excepting residents of Alfheim Town (10,000 humans, 300 dwarves, 800 halflings, and a few others). The elves here are much as they are in other parts of the world: Lithe and mysterious, magical and merry, they are worshippers of nature and growing things. They are no friends of the dwarves in Rockhome or of the humanoids in the Broken Lands.

Alfheim Town:

The city that visitors are most likely to see is Alfheim Town, which has a population of 15,000-80% of which is non-elven.

Adventuring opportunities:

Alfheim is a good place to spook low level adventurers, or to have sylvan adventures.